Electrical Engineering Services

Our years of combined experience and expertise in the HV industry means we offer a personal approach to electrical engineering.

Our Reputation is linked to our clients’ success.

We specialise in delivering end to end solutions for high voltage and low voltage engineering, including earthing systems, protection design, and lightning protection. We provided complete design and project management services from inception to completion, throughout all voltage ranges.

Protech Energy Group’s engineering staff are considered industry experts for network consulting and reinforcement. We focus on creating sustainable, safe, cost-effective solutions.

When it comes to electrical engineering, a customised maintenance plan is the key to a safe environment and a long life-span for your equipment.

our engineering services

Design and Consulting

We provide the full range of design services, from preliminary conception through to design, planning and construction phase for a wide range of schemes.

Our engineering team can undertake all aspects of high voltage and low voltage electrical substation design. From early planning and investigation to project management of plant installation within live substation environments.

Project Management and Procurement

Our team of Engineers and Project Managers can manage your project from conception to completion. We work on everything from minor augmentations to major projects for both brownfield and greenfield sites.

Our project management, construction management, contract administration, and site superintendent services will ensure your project stays on budget.

HV/LV Audits, Engineering Compliance, Owners Engineer Services & RPEQ Certification

We have fully qualified and highly experienced HV/LV auditors to carry out HV and LV Audits through Design Examination and Physical Site Audits. These audits act to minimise the risk to people, plant, equipment, and environment from the normal and abnormal operation of HV and LV equipment.

Our experienced in-house RPEQ engineers provide RPEQ design, certification, and third-party validation of design. Engaging our engineering team to act as an independent Owner’s Engineer can ensure that your project complies with international standards, thereby reducing the risk of liabilities while addressing any potential quality issues.

In addition, we can help to reduce your project’s costs through greater control over the project scope, schedule, orders, and various other aspects. Owner’s Engineer serves as an independent representative or advocate of the project owner. It is a critical supporting role that provides project management and quality assurance support during all stages of the asset lifecycle. High quality in the planning and construction of a plant is important for its safety and long-term reliability. 



Arc Flash Studies

An arc flash hazard analysis is critical to the safety of plant personnel working on or near exposed energized electrical equipment.

PEG’s Arc Flash analysis will quantify the release of thermal energy associated with potential arc flash hazards. Our use of commercial software utilizes IEEE and NFPA equations and methods for comprehensive and accurate calculations, including fault current momentary duty, device clearing time, arcing fault currents, and duration of arc and incident energy. Our analysis includes a list of recommendations (such as: establishing protection boundaries and specifying protective equipment for personnel) in a comprehensive written report.

PEG’s engineering team have performed numerous arc flash studies across a wide variety of industries.


Earth Systems

Protech Engineering expertise and methodologies give you the confidence that your earthing system, small or complex, will function as intended.

PEG Engineering specialises in the engineering studies and design, modelling, and testing of earthing systems while developing cost-effective mitigation solutions.

Earth testing is carried out to ensure compliance with the design criteria and requirements mandated in AS3000 and AS2067. Our test engineers utilise the industry’s leading current injection methods and latest analysis technology to assess soil resistivity, earth resistance, and the touch and step potentials associated with your earthing systems.

Upon completion of the tests, we provide you with a detailed test report that includes analysis, test methodology, results obtained and expert recommendations.

These reports form the basis of your asset management plans and will support any future auditing process. Our earth testing service includes Soil Resistivity, Earth Resistance, Voltage Contour Measurements, Step and Touch Potential, Earthing Continuity Checks, and AS3000, AS2067 & ENA-EG1 based Inspections.


Protech provides comprehensive solutions for Protection Design and Coordination Study, Relay Upgrades and Advanced Protection Testing services.

We will model all protective devices in your system and carry out a comprehensive Protection coordination study to ensure all electrical equipment is adequately protected against overloads, fault currents & earth fault, evaluate and confirm adequacy and performance of Protection CTs. We confirm coordination between upstream and downstream devices using graphical Time Current Curves (TCCs) and sequence of operation analyser to avoid and eliminate costly trips in the power system. Determine optimal settings of all protective equipment and evaluate impacts of motor starting on Protection settings and calculate relays settings to cater for impacts of in-feeds and mutual couplings in parallel and Tee -feeders for HV & EHV systems.

Protech Engineering’s highly developed expertise in lightning protection systems design allows us to work with you to develop cost-effective designs, ensuring your new and existing assets are protected from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. We carry out Engineering studies and design, compliance standards and system testing and inspection.

“Set-and-forget” only works for so long. Get in touch to explore our tailored options for HV and LV equipment, sites and installations. 

Plans and Drawings

Protech provides comprehensive electrical designs and schematic CAD drawings for various electrical projects made to the client’s requirements.

Our team of electrical engineers and CAD designers have wide-ranging industry experience in HV and LV electrical designs and schematics, electrical site plans, general arrangement drawings for plant and equipment layout, sizing of transformers, switchgear, HV and LV equipment, and bus duct or single line diagrams for electrical distribution systems. 

We provide expert engineers for site visits to existing installations, provide redline mark-up drawings of existing systems and convert to As-Built drawings to accurately reflect the existing as-installed status of your plan and equipment and electrical systems.

Advanced Testing and Commissioning

Thorough commissioning and periodic testing of high voltage and low voltage equipment are vital to the longevity of your valuable assets. Research shows that improper commissioning combined with a  “set-and-forget” mentality, has been the leading cause of premature failures.

We offer a comprehensive range of testing and commissioning services so you can ensure that your assets have been installed properly and are performing to the required standards for operation.

With state-of-the-art in-house test equipment, our test engineers can provide you with a comprehensive suite of construction, commissioning and condition monitoring services for high voltage and low voltage equipment. These services are applicable across all industries.

With our HV and LV condition monitoring services, you can enhance the reliability and longevity of your assets. Our capabilities include transformer testing, power cable testing, earth grid testing, protection schemes, relay testing, circuit breaker testing, and HV and LV motor testing.


Types of failure include Power Transformers, High voltage cable, and termination failures, Inadvertent protection tripping, Electric shocks and incidents, High voltage switchgear, switchboard faults. PEG engineers have considerable experience and expertise necessary to adequately investigate electrical equipment failures.

We gather all relevant data including test reports, SCADA logs, operator notes, protection relay event records and piece information time sequence chronological order to determine the root cause of the failures and trips. 

Protech Engineers are highly sought after by high-value clients for their technical expertise on complex engineering issues fault investigations and regularly provide this expertise to Mining and Infrastructure – utilities, generation and Manufacturing industries.

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