Protech Power has been engaged by SEQ Water in the capacity of a Consultant under a Professional Services Contract, to assess the existing protection co-ordination and arc flash incident energy levels at multiple site locations. This entails conducting detailed inspections of the electrical infrastructure, collation of input data required for the modelling of the HV and LV power systems, provide arc flash and protection grading assessments and condition scoring of the existing equipment. Protech have also been engaged to provide protection regrading, and earth grid investigations and testing on site to model the existing earthing systems. Further works will include the remedial works on site to ensure that the earthing systems meet current Standards.

Protech Power has the in-house capability to provide the following Engineering Services:

Project Management


Site Assessments

Power System Analysis

Earth Grid Assessment, modelling and site testing

Arc Flash Studies

Protection Relay Design and Onsite Testing

Design and Commissioning of Low Voltage and High Voltage Systems