March saw Queensland and NSW experience a lot of wild weather and was topped off with a lockdown but that didn’t slow us down!

If we learnt anything from the events of 2020, it was how to be prepared. We’re ready for every eventuality, be it weather or virus related. Our clients are always our priority, so we’ll always find a way to mitigate any issues that arise.
We have policies that keep us working with our clients, both in-person and remotely. These policies cover the entire range of our daily activities from mobilisation, demobilisation, on-site, off-site and in office, in transit, and working from home.

As we go into April, remember, wherever you are, we’ll be there.

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Brisbane: 07 3022 3301 | Townsville: 07 4780 8000 | Sydney: 02 8378 9116 |
Newcastle: 02 4944 2060

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